How it all began!!!

I am a 30+ year old woman, who discovered after many wrong diagnosis that I had Dissociative Identity Disorder. This diagnosis has stuck with me since 2013 and I have not stopped trying to understand for me what this means. I am very blessed to have a really good Therapist and Psychiatrist that since starting with them 18 months ago have helped me understand so much about who is apart of my ‘heard’ and what their prospective roles were/and some still are.

Last year we presented at a mental health night with three other participants, expressing in our own individual ways, how we better help our mental health. As I am an artist this is what we displayed and talked about. Our ‘Heard’ has such a drive to be herd not just by myself but also by others out their, either who have experiences of D.I.D, trauma, CPTSD or any other mental health diagnosis, but also from those that work in the field. We have been tossed and thrown around the public system for many years and there is so little knowledge about our condition, that we all feel it is time to step up and educate, encourage and motivate others to be HEARD!


4 thoughts on “How it all began!!!

  1. Hello Ruth, Thank you for becoming a follower to And He Restoreth My Soul Project!

    I enjoyed doing the April series about D.I.D but I’m sorry about the heartache you experienced trying to get the help you needed. I hope it becomes easier for those who have D.I.D to get a correct diagnosis so their journey toward healing is not wasted time.

    I like your site and may want to use some of your writings as the year goes on. I will always ask you before I do publish your info. And always give you credit.

    I pray you have great success and I’m glad you have found the help you need. I would love to hear about your success and how you are doing as time goes on.

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    1. Hi Queendjh,
      Thank you for your beautiful words. Yes! It is unfortunately hard for us who suffer from D.I.D to be able to find the right support we need. It has been a long journey for us, but have been very blessed with the supports I now have.
      I have really enjoyed reading some of your blogs so far. I would also really like to share some of yours, (when I work out how to do it lol!) with your permission.
      Regards Ruth


  2. I hope you find an outlet for your awesome creativity and expression in your blog. It is certainly inspiring and life affirming for us. Thank you Ruth, for following my blog. It is very different from your own. I often deal with dark themes.
    Thoughts and prayers–and yes, they are powerful. Especially prayer. I will be stopping by often for the inspiration and art. Beautiful.

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